A Season to Respond to God’s Favor by Defending the Orphan

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Isaiah 1:17
“Learn to do good…defend the orphan…”

I distinctly remember the day when I came to more-fully understand the magnitude of God’s favor. My family and I were living and working among indigenous communities on the border of Honduras and Nicaragua toward the Atlantic Coast.

Obviously, there were barriers that separated us from the local people such as ethnicity, culture, language, education, and economics. But on that particular day as I was visiting an abjectly poor river village, I looked into a young pastor’s face and saw my “equal.” The innately prejudiced “self” had finally died.

My indigenous pastor friend was certainly just as valuable and important in the eyes of God as any other, but he was severely disadvantaged in terms of modernity in comparison to me. He had no access to school, health care, possessed almost nothing, and lived in a bamboo hut. But that day I realized the only real difference between us had been determined before the foundations of the world—the place and condition of our respective births—something of which neither of us had control.

I cannot pretend to explain the reason for God’s favor and neither am I prepared to declare which of us in the example is better off in the long run. I simply say that for those who were born in a “land of opportunity” and have access to an abundance of resources, we must recognize and respond to God’s favor by joyfully sharing everything He has placed in our hands.

When I consider the plight of the fatherless, I have to remember, the only real difference between my own children and the orphan is God’s favor. My children were born and raised in privilege, and they were not.

It is not that God would punish the orphan or that His favor would not reach them, and it is not that we privileged are more wise or diligent, but rather God has favored us with opportunities and blessings so that through us He may defend and lift up the orphan.

As we enter the season of Christmas, this wonderful time of sharing our lives with family and friends, I invite you to respond to God’s favor appropriately by defending the orphan. When you do so, you join God Himself in lifting up His precious Creation.

On behalf of 5244 fatherless children in 26 countries, thank you for your end-of-the-year gifts which allow Serving Orphans Worldwide to continue pursuing the mission to rescue, train, and sustain struggling orphanages around the world!

Our daily prayer for you is, “May God bless you, may He bless you indeed, so that through you, all the families of the earth may be blessed!”



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