South of the Border: Angelie’s Story

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During my recent trip to South America, Safe House Orphanage in Colombia was my second stop.  Safe House is an all girls home settled into the foothills of the Cota mountains, a haven for girls rescued out of sex trafficking and abusive or negligent homes.  This is where I met Angelie. I hope that her story inspires you to know that when you invest in the lives of these children, it has a ripple effect in the world of orphan care.  Investing even in just one orphaned child, like Angelie, can have a lasting impact in the future.  


“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”-Romans 8:28

When I hear stories like Angelie’s, I know that this statement is profoundly true.

For Angelie, life began right out of the gate with disadvantage and heartache.  Her father passed away before she was ever old enough to remember him, and her mother worked hard to take care of her as a single parent for the first few years of her life.  But regardless of their circumstances, Angelie and her mother were just happy to have each other, and held tightly to one another through the trials they faced.

But their time together was also short lived.

Angelie’s mother had recently begun to date again, as she was finally beginning to heal from the tragic loss of her husband 3 years before.  But unknowingly, the man she had begun to see was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and he betrayed her by taking her young life.  At 3-years-old, Angelie was left all alone in the world.

But it was then that the Lord powerfully intervened in her situation, and delivered her out of the danger in which she was left.  Pastor Diego, who works with Safe House Orphanage, lived right down the road from Angelie.  He knew her mother, and had watched Angelie grow up in their neighborhood.  When He discovered what had happened to Angelie’s mother, he immediately brought Angelie to Safe House.

When she first came to Safe House, Angelie was scared, confused, and angry.  She was heartbroken at the loss of her mother, and scared of living in a brand new environment with strangers she had never met before.  But as time passed, she began to open up and feel secure by God’s grace and the love shown to her by Pastora Rosalba, director of Safe House Orphanage.  She also began to make lasting friendships with girls there who had been through traumatic experiences like her own, and finally Safe House began to feel like home.

Now, 14 years later, Angelie has graduated from high school and is beginning her first year of college at a local university where she is studying psychology. Because of the trauma in her past, and the experiences she had growing up, it is her passion to learn how to counsel and minister to children who have undergone similar trials in their lives.  Thanks to the loving care from Safe House and a local academic scholarship she was blessed to receive, she now has the opportunity to pursue her dream of becoming a professional psychologist on staff at the home when she graduates.  Now, Angelie can positively impact the lives of many more orphaned children like herself in the future!


You can become a part of the ripple effect today by donating to homes like Safe House Orphanage in Colombia.  Every penny you donate is directly invested into bettering the lives and futures of children like Angelie!

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